Enjoy the Film is a projection project
by Benjamin Ruder.

Celebrate the art of motion picture film projection and experience the magic again. Let me show you a film, or teach you how it's all done!


Equipment including: 16mm projectors, 35mm projectors, 8mm & super 8mm projectors, slide projectors

Fun events like: film screenings, projection demonstrations and workshops, art of the movies gallery exhibition, guest curators

Programming selections including: saturday morning cartoons, educational films, commercials, movie trailers, public service announcements (PSA's)

Services include: bring a film-we'll project it for you, mobile projection brought to you, private screenings, archival loans, guest appearances, private screenings



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At the controls of a Kinoton FP38 E Premiere

At the controls of a Kinoton FP38 E Premiere